Proud moment! Little Builders win the 2016 What’s on 4 Kids Award!

Owner and Director, Claudine Tucker conceived the idea for Little Builders in 2012. This is her story…

The idea for Little Builders began when I took my son to a Lego Show at the Sydney Town Hall back in 2012. I had such a fantastic time playing such fun lego building games at a workshops we booked into. Kids of all ages from ages 4 to teenagers and even the parents got into the challenges and it got me thinking…. these games would be so much fun to run at my son’s birthday party and way more fun and different to games such as pass the passel.  I got home, and looked at my boys’s lego collection… even though they had SOOO Much Lego, they just didn’t have enough of the pieces required to run the games for a kids party and there was no way they would have let me break down all their proud Lego Sculptures! I spent months buying the bricks required until I had enough! After a hugely successful party, I decided that I could put all this equipment to good use and lease it out to other families so that they could run the same games themselves. Little Builders unique offering with their Little Builders hats and vests officially commenced in 2013! My little rental kit business was a huge success from the get go! It was so excited to be a part of something new that just didn’t exist in Australia! After a lot of hard work building up my brand, purchasing all the equipment and refining all the games, procedures and packages, my little business had grown into an award winning business with over 10 staff. My service offering had quickly grown from renting my party kits, to running facilitated parties in homes and venues around Sydney, school holiday workshops, vacation care incursions, bring your kids to work days, christmas parties, fetes and shopping centres. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!


Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 9.39.38 pm

The day when Little Builders was conceived with my Son and his friend at that workshop back in 2012! Many many towers built since 🙂

The business is now running in it’s 4th year and we are so proud of what we have achieved! It is so rewarding hearing how happy our clients and their little builders are with our service. We just love the comments we hear from our Little Builders such as “It was the best day of my life” and “your party was the best party ever!”. We have fantastic facilitators which never let me down and always give 110%. My team is there to ensure that all the Little Builders have the best time using their imaginations and creativity to build with Lego!

What’s even better is that my two boys get involved with my work! They are my little product testers, helping me with my ideas and test my party games. 

My 2 year old daughter is also proving to be a keen Little Builder and is helping me conceive our new Toddler/Pre School range of programs. 

I look forward to helping all the Little Builders out their build fantastic events and parties in 2017!