Here is the article which was featured in the Southern Highland News on the 31st March 2015.

WHAT child doesn’t like Lego?

The range of equipment ensures that whether your child is into horses or cars, intergalactic craft or gardens, they can create objects to satisfy their interests.

Little Builders has harnessed the popularity of the bricks and offers Lego themed workshops and parties to encourage creativity.

It will be coming to Exeter Village Hall these Easter holidays.

Little Builders Southern Highlands has been established by Kristy Hall after she helped her friend run Little Builders workshops in Sydney.

She believes the parties and workshops have many more benefits than simply entertaining the kids.

“Participating in the workshop builds children’s confidence step-by-step. And because we don’t provide any instructions, it helps promote their creativity.

“At the start they may have no idea what to do, but it is so rewarding when they see their creation at the end,” she said.

“The towers get built and then knocked-down, so the kids also learn how to deal with both disappointment and joy. But above all, it is about imagination and fun.”

Ms Hall said she was excited to be able to offer Little Builders to kids in the Highlands.

“Exeter Hall is the perfect size, and the hard floor of great for car races,” she said.

“Plus, our sessions are two-and-a-half hours long, so there is plenty of time to get creative.”

There will be two Southern Highlands Lego Workshops on Saturday, April 11 – each session costs $35.50 and is suitable for children aged five to 12.

Book before April 5 to receive a 10 per cent discount.

Little Builders also run Lego parties and entertain guests for 90 minutes with challenges, scavenger hunts and prizes. Parties can be customised for boys or girls.

For more information visit or call Kristy Hall on 0416 038 724.