What do I need to do to prepare for a party at home?

Please encourage the guests to arrive on time yet not early if you can. We setup a lot of equipment which creates a great WOW factor as soon the children walk in. If children arrive early during the setup it won’t make as great an impact. Could you please ensure that the host has a car space as close to the venue as possible as there is a lot of equipment to carry! We suggest serving your food after the activities have finished. The children will concentrate better before eating sweet/sugary foods and will avoid sticky fingers touching the lego. Please try to keep the parents separate to the Lego activities as often the noise from parents talking, can distract the children’s concentration and listening abilities. If you plan on having a jumping castle at your venue, please consider turning it off during the activities. They have been known to distract the childen participating in the challenges. Ensure you have a large and clean space (inside) where the children can sit in a circle along with a table to be used to display the Lego creations. A trestle table size is ideal. If it’s a hot day and you don’t have air conditioning, please see if you can organise a fan. The party host will provide lolly prizes on the day which may contain food colouring, preservatives and sugar. Should there be any children who are not able to eat lollies, please organize alternative prizes or lollies for them or notify the host on the day should you prefer no lolly prizes to be distributed at all. Please ensure you have your camera ready. We have introduced new Lego themed selfie and photo props for added fun at the party! This will keep [...]

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